Presidential Logos: The Final Four!

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Yang is out! (In real life and in our bracket.)

Patrick is out! (In real life and in our bracket.)

The Final Four of our Democratic Presidential Logo contest is on!

In Round 2:

  1. Tulsi Gabbard (20.8%) fell to Joe Biden (79.2%).

  2. Mayor Pete (46.1%), despite having a delightfully friendly design tool for the public—the best of any campaign when it comes to graphic resource accessibility—was overtaken by Mike Bloomberg (53.9%).

  3. Andrew Yang lost by a tight margin to Bernie Sanders, 49% to 51%.

  4. Elizabeth Warren knocked out Deval Patrick, 56.7% to 43.3%.

Given that the results aren’t entirely dissimilar from the polling returns this campaign cycle (with the exception of Buttigieg, of course), some things we’re pondering …

  1. What role have the logos played in the campaigns, and the actual results coming in from Iowa (yeah, we know) and New Hampshire … if any?

  2. For our bracket, why are these the logos/campaigns that are rising to the top alongside the actual results—does it all come down to money, and the capital available to commission the brand materials?

  3. Which campaigns seem to truly value design?

In any event, for our Final Four, we have:

Joe Biden vs. Mike Bloomberg

Bernie Sanders vs. Elizabeth Warren

So: Who will be your final two in our logo championship?

Vote now, and we’ll see you on Monday with the results and final round!

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