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Noncommercial/animation winner: Flickermood 2.0

Flickermood 2.0, an experimental kinetic type animation by Sebastian Lange, is based on fragments of “Mutability,” an 18th-century poem by the Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley that happens to capture the ephemeral nature of the 21st-century digital environment: nothing endures but change itself. “Flickermood expresses this through pulsing, throbbing, shifting, and repositioning of typography and music, drifting randomly, but always precise and consistent,” says Lange.

Set to music by the Swedish musician Forss, the spot is fluid, fresh, unpredictable, and goes beyond the usual ways of animated type by using After Effects along with a lot of handmade keyframe animation. “I’m always amazed at how visually interesting some video pieces can be within very simple confines,” says Pinto. “This piece is kinetic and keeps your eyes locked to the screen. It’s a lot of fun with type.” Other viewers agreed. After publishing a 30-second version of the clip in 2007 to wide acclaim, Lange posted version 2.0 to Vimeo in December 2008 and received 40,000 views in just two weeks.



Production company: MNWG /, Freiburg, Germany; art director/animator/producer: Sebastian Lange.


  1. Typophile 5 opening credits (film titles)

  2. Children’s Hospital of Illinois (commercial spot)

  3. Ghe bharari (show package)

  4. Hibi No Neiro, by Sour (music video)

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