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With the rising of oceans, the ever-looming threat of war and hurricanes swirling in the Atlantic, it’s easy to understand Steven Heller’s perspective in the fall New Visual Artists issue of Print. In his Evolution column, he explains how the way we envision the future has changed. What was once a mirror to Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland-an incredible, fresh, tech-infused wonderland with progress at its forefront and an eye toward the common good-has evolved into visions of dystopia. Perhaps it’s all just for the sake of a better cinematic conflict, a more thrilling narrative. Or perhaps it’s something deeper.

But combing through this year’s New Visual Artists, you will discover a universe of young designers who don’t simply make pretty things for us to fetishize. They don’t create merely with galleries in mind or accolades to garner. These are artists who have passion. They have causes, loves, fears, dreams. They have conviction. And perhaps most importantly, they have an immense talent that will allow them to execute on that conviction and make change in the world-a world that, right now, appears to be slowly playing history in reverse.

Discover what may be lying just beyond the horizon of today’s design world in the Print Fall 2017 issue.


Featured in This Issue:


Introducing Print‘s 2017 New Visual Artists 15 creatives under 30 who are shaping tomorrow’s design landscape

Smoke Signals With change in the air, it’s time to say goodbye to the skunky marijuana branding of yesteryear and embrace a newly designed future. By Sam Holleran

Graphic Design And The Anthropocene An argument for more sustainable design thinking-and thus a more sustainable world. By Scott Boylston


The Fine Print Leave Me Alone With the Recipes and Two-Dimensional Man with words by Karli Petrovic

Observer The once-forgotten Blueprint for Counter Education embodied its era-and foreshadowed design’s future. By Rick Poynor

Historiography Before the Legibility Skirmishes, key design battles were fought during the War of Abstraction. By Steven Heller

Evolution When it comes to speculative design, the future ain’t what it used to be. By Steven Heller

In Progress A leading design agency in London is truly upping the standards of sustainable design around the world. By Alex Harrell

Design Matters: In Print Brand gutu, writer and letterpress artist Jonathan Selikoff reflects on his career. By Debbie Millman