Regional Design Annual Countdown

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Calling all designers from every corner of the U.S.: The 2014 Regional Design Annual deadline is nearing. We are officially in the home stretch and time is of the essence. So, why exactly should you enter the RDA? If you’ve missed any of our other posts, here’s a recap:


Reason No. 1: This competition is an American treasure.In its 33rd year, the RDA is a national treasure, providing a bird’s eye view each year of design spanning the U.S., including a view of the designers and firms who are representing their regions proudly. Find out how to have your work seen in this year’s RDA issue.

Reason No. 2: RDA Offers a Geographic SnapshotBeing seen among your peers in your given region is a great source of pride for many winners. All winners also are included in the RDA index, which is an opportunity for the public at large to have quick access to reputable designers in their area who are generating award-winning work. To be included in this index, your work must be chosen as a winner. Get started by entering today.

Reason No. 3: Exposure. Exposure. Exposure. Self-promotion is the lifeblood of the industry, and the Regional Design Annual provides you just that. Winning entries are not only printed in the December issue of Print, our most popular issue, but they also appear in a highly searched gallery attracting hundreds of thousands of pageviews to each year’s winners. On top of that, we dive deeper into profiles about winners online and through Print’s social media channels. Will you be one of our esteemed winners profiled in this year’s RDA issue?

Reason No. 4: Recognition is PricelessAnd the RDA offers just that. Each year, we reach out to the industry’s top vets to judge this competition. Being recognized by this top tier of designers is definitely something to tout. This year’s judges are no exception: Jessica Helfand, Debbie Millman, Alexander Isley, Caleb Bennett, Joseph Duffy and Michael Vanderbyl. Learn more about this year’s judges.

Reason No. 5: Your Clients Will Thank YouEach year, we conduct market research where we ask entrants what they believe the benefit is in entering the Regional Design Annual. We were pleased to see that entrants not only enjoy the win themselves, but that it’s a victory that they share with their clients, which then strengthens those relationships even more and often leads to more work. Will you celebrate your work for both you and your client?