The Regional Design Annual: An American Treasure

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As I flip through the pages of the Regional Design Annual issue, it dawns on me that the end result—a collection of the best designs from the U.S.—is truly something more than what meets the eye. What I see are the fruits of labor from the most hard-working and talented designers in the country.


I truly believe that the readers of Print flock to this issue for a reason, one that all entrants can take pride in playing a role. They look to this issue as a source of inspiration and they value it as that centerpiece that unites designers from the coast of California to the deep South. You see, even though winners are siphoned by their respective regions, they appear alongside one another in this issue that both celebrates regionality and its talent. For those reasons, the Regional Design Annual truly is an American treasure.

As the final deadline for this competition nears (Friday, May 30), don’t miss your opportunity to enter work in this year’s Regional Design Annual. What’s in it for winners? Here’s an overview:

—Some of the most talented designers will see your work. 2014 Judges: Debbie Millman, Jessica Helfand, Caleb Bennett, Joseph Duffy, Alexander Isley and Michael Vanderbyl.


—Work will be showcased in a highly-searched Regional Design Annual Online Gallery in addition to the Regional Design Issue of Print magazine.

—One project from each of the six regions will be elevated by its distinguished judge as the top winner. All six of these winners will be invited as guests to HOW Design Live 2015 (airfare and hotel included), the world’s largest and most anticipated annual design conference with top-brass speakers like, Stefan Sagmeister, Bob Gill, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Stanley Hainsworth, Daniel Pink, Debbie Millman, Aaron Draplin, Michael Donovan, Nancye Green and many, many others.

—HOW Design Live 2015 will also boast a new on-site gallery devoted to all selected RDA projects.