Top Five Calligraphy Artists To Follow On Instagram

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When I was younger, back when they still taught cursive in school and not the finer points of texting, I had the worst handwriting. And having lousy handwriting wouldn’t be so terrible if everyone else had awful penmanship, but it always seemed like the most popular people in my grade had the best script. 

Honestly, I think it’s where my love for design began. I could nail down the personality of someone just by seeing their writing. I wanted my writing to reflect the kind of person I wanted to be, and from the young age of eleven, I forced myself to have beautiful and legible print writing and elegant cursive. By the time I hit middle school, I had taught myself calligraphy. 

While I’m no expert, I have a deep appreciation for the art. It’s so personal, inky, sometimes imperfect, and complex. And as art has so deeply evolved into the digital landscape, finding artists who utilize the analog way of doing things is special and rare. So today, we’ve put together a list of five calligraphy artists that you must follow on Instagram. Each artist has a specific range of skills, with their aesthetic effortlessly shining through. Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe each of their accounts.

Dima Abrakadabra | @abra_lu

Music is one of lettering and calligraphy artist Dima Abra’s biggest inspirations, which is made clear through the unique rhythms of his work. Dima dances to the beat of his own drum as his calligraphy style is wildly individualistic. It’s a mashup of street art, modern calligraphy, and traditional Japanese calligraphy. Each of Dima’s Instagram posts fit into his aesthetic style yet are unparalleled in their own way, making for a feed that’s both inspirational and aesthetically pleasing.

Seb Lester | @seblester

With close to a million followers on Instagram, Seb Lester has obviously made a name for himself in the world of calligraphy. He’s known for his logo designs, but also his witty sense of humor. There’s a certain magic to mixing modern humor with a traditional script, and Seb has mastered the art. For example, his piece that reads, “one love, one fart, one destiny” is paired with a caption that states, “Sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about all the times design agencies have pitched my work to corporate clients in high-level boardroom meetings using images like this in the presentation, and I’ve actually got the job.” Plus, the videos on his feed are downright mesmerizing.

Younghae Chung | @logos_calligraphy

Based in Southern California, Younghae Chung previously worked in advertising and non-profit organizations. But after 10+ years, she decided to let go and pursue her passion for the arts. That was when her career in calligraphy began, and she hasn’t looked back since. Because she cares so deeply about keeping the art of calligraphy alive, throughout her feed, she shares tips and inspiration on becoming more involved and skilled at the art. You’ll surely be inspired to grab a pen and paper after giving Younghae’s feed a good scroll through.

Suzanne Cunningham | @suzcunningham

With 28 years of experience, Suzanne Cunningham knows the art of calligraphy as well as she knows the back of her hand. Her feed comes filled with gorgeous works, often sharing handouts from her workshops, elegantly addressed envelopes, and custom calligraphy works for past clients. Something I love about her feed is that she experiments with new colors and styles, from modern calligraphy to more traditional, inspiring others to step out of their comfort zone. This is truly an elegant Instagram account to follow.

Avinash Kharat | @avinash_calligraphy

Avinash Kharat is a calligraphy artist specializing in calligraphy for wedding and party invitations, logo designs, and personalized gifts. Every one of his posts showcases a unique piece of art, and, often, the posts include videos showing just how he accomplished the work. The flourishes he adds to each letter are exquisite, yet he makes them look effortless, proving that Avinash has a natural ability for the art of calligraphy.