Top Five Floral Artists To Follow On Instagram 

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This past Monday—ahem, Valentine’s Day—showcased an excessive amount of love and flowers. But it got me thinking, the bouquets I saw were stunning, captivating, and beautifully curated, but there are brains behind the beauty. I wanted to shed light on the talent of these wonderfully underappreciated floral artists. 

The natural textures, colors, and shapes of flora and fauna often get taken for granted by the average person. Still, some floral designers know how to craft and curate the perfect arrangement, an undertaking you can only describe as raw, blooming talent. Below are five florists who create bouquets for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Rachael Ann Lunghi | @sirenfloralco

Rachael Ann Lunghi is the owner and operator of Siren Floral Co, a boutique florist company based in Southern California. The floral shop specializes in artistic floral designs specifically for weddings and events. Currently, Rachel lives and works in San Diego but travels worldwide to craft the perfect collection of flowers. Not only does this account showcase outstanding bouquets and closeups, but you often find sneak peeks of events that Rachel designs for. With a range of colors and textures, this account will make you realize that there are more flowers than your simple rose or peony.

Charlie McCormick | @mccormickcharlie

Before settling in the UK, Charlie McCormick grew up on a farm in New Zealand. Charlie’s eye is quite impeccable and beautifully instinctual with no formal training. If you often find yourself dreaming of the English countryside, you’ll fall head over heels for this quaint, personable, home-grown account. Additionally, if you’re drawn to tulips, dahlias, or daffodils, you’re already one step closer to cherishing this feed.

Pretty. Wild. Flowers. | @native_poppy

If you love peach, pink, or ruby tones, then you’ll love Native Poppy’s Instagram feed. Established in 2015 by Natalie Gill, the team at Native Poppy is made up of playful dreamers, which shines through in the eclectically lively floral designs. Based in California, there’s no denying that every design that Native Poppy puts its magic touch on will instantly bring a cheerful attitude.

The Flower Hat | @theflowerhat

Julio Bozeman is the florist behind The Flower Hat, and if the oversized bouquets aren’t enough for you, then you have some explaining to do. Not only does Julio share his exquisite creations with his followers, but he also educates his followers on a range of topics from crop planning, what to do with old seeds, and how to best grow specific types of flowers. When artists share their skillset with their followers, it means more than just pushing visuals; it proves that they genuinely care about their work.

Nicole Land | @soilandstem

Artist and floral designer Nicole Land is behind Soil And Stem. Everything about this account is artistically natural; Nicole has a keen eye for letting nature’s beauty take the lead and steal the show. Plus, if you’ve ever wondered how to create a blooming chandelier, a natural installation, or a beautifully curated bouquet, among other things, you’re in luck; Nicole offers a wide array of workshops and classes on her website.