Top Five Quirky Artists To Follow On Instagram

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According to the dictionary, “quirky” means “characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.” I, however, believe that it has other meanings and interpretations, and I think it has more to do with being unabashedly creatively eccentric. If you’re quirky, you’re unafraid of pushing limits and deciphering the world in your own way. And I, inspired by this word, have gathered five artists that are quirky, by my definition, of course.

Davide Bonazzi | @davidebonazzi24

If you take a deep dive into Davide Bonazzi’s client list, you’ll be immediately impressed. There are quite a few notable names, from The New York Times and Ogilvy to GQ and UCLA. David’s goal is to create clever visuals that touch on intricate topics both digestible and relatable. Take one scroll through his Instagram feed, and you’ll see exactly how he takes complex ideas and transforms them through quirky illustrations.

ITISARTIME Art Magazine | @itisartime

Alessandro Brunelli is the mastermind of a curator behind the ITISARTIME account. With imagery, illustrations, concepts, and graphics from talented artists all over the world, this account is perfect to follow if you’ve ever found yourself in a creative rut, which is, obviously, everyone. The feed features robots doing art, embroidered portraits of emotional pups, and crafted tie-dye cakes. There’s truly no limit to the creativity found within this account.

BLIMEY! ® | @b.l.i.m.e.y

BLIMEY! makes you rethink objects in a way you didn’t know was possible. Each image showcases a recognizable thing through the digital artwork, either made from something entirely different than typically seen or fused with something that usually wouldn’t be. For example, there’s an image of a heart made of sand and a pea pod with a set of teeth found on the inside. Each post on this feed trick your brain, make you think differently and then make you wonder what post could be next.

Vanessa McKeown | @vanessamckeown

Vanessa McKeown is a photographer that knows how to take logic out of her work. Her still life creations work to bring beautiful inappropriateness to the visual world in a way you’d typically never see. Her photography career began when she started taking pictures in her kitchen on the weekends as a creative outlet to her previous job. The result is utterly charming work; for example, the “bean bag” iteration of a clear bag filled with baked beans is just immaculate.

littledrill creative studio | @littledrill

littledrill is a creative studio founded by Shelby Edwards and James Lee Whitney. Together, the two have worked with massive brands such as Adidas, ESPN, and Interscope Records, to name a few. With a bio that states, “Get weird. Have fun,” it’s clear that the two behind this brand know how not to take life too seriously, which shows through their work. You’ll find paintbrushes with money for the brush, glittering orange squeezes, and rose-colored glasses.