Triptych Is Jacco Bunt’s Newest Puzzle Collaboration

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If you’re a lover of all things that come in threes, then you’re going to love this set of puzzles, rightfully called Triptych. Each set can be pieced together one by one, but, interestingly, they can also be pieced together to create one substantial 1500-piece puzzle in a wild turn of events. The puzzles feature vivid designs by Jacco Bunt, a Dutch visual artist, that you’ll want to frame once finished. And, not only are the puzzles created with sustainably sourced paper, but for every box sold, one tree will be planted.

MJaccoBunt‘s collaboration with @cloudberriesofficial is now available 
3 x 500 pieces you can either complete the three puzzles separately or mix them all together to create one.

This triptych comes from my Terra Incognita series from 2019.

Terra Incognita, London 2019. Terra Incognita is an ongoing project and researches geometry, composition, colour balance and contradictions to show the journey through different stages in order to find unknown parts.

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