Barbie Pink Is In— Here Are Five Designers Leaning Into the Trending Hue

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This week’s top five Instagram accounts were left up to pop culture and the algorithm.

Let’s unpack that. 

If you’ve been paying attention to trends in any category, you might have noticed an uptick in the usage of “Barbie Pink.” We’ve all seen Millennial Pink, but this new hue is brighter, bolder, and all around more fun, just like the plastic dolls of our past.

The rise in the hot pink shade stems from “Barbiecore,” a trend that most likely stems from the buzz Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie has been accumulating for the past few months. The color is making waves everywhere, from red carpet outfits to package designs.

When I took to Instagram to find examples of this trend, it felt like overkill to pick accounts that only posted hot pink hues. But it can be exhilarating to lean into internet culture, and I’m fascinated by Instagram’s all-knowing interface, so I turned to the Discover page and picked the first five accounts that made interesting use of this beautiful shade. Each creator below offers their own take on hot pink, making for a fun hodgepodge of inspiration waiting to be discovered.

Kate Dehler | @katedehler

Austin’s Kate Dehler is known for her bright use of colors and lovely illustration designs. Her client list is vast, ranging from Morning Brew, to Bandcamp, to New York Magazine, and WIRED. Dehler has a knack for inviting intrigue with her nuanced textures and thoughtfully observant pieces. While her work feels definitively current, there’s a soothing nostalgia to it that makes her Instagram feed a highly imaginative corner of the internet.

Dowel Jones | @doweljones

You’ll love Dowel Jones’ work if you’re a fan of funky, reinvigorated furniture. Adam Lynch and Dale Hardiman started the company in 2014 after graduating from university, and it’s all about unexpected home design. The pops of color, distinctive shapes, and innate playfulness set this furniture brand apart from the masses. And, yes, they’re all about using pops of pink throughout the designs, so I’m, well, obsessed.

마키토이 | @makitoy

Makitoy is an illustrator with a distinctive paper-cutout-inspired look to their work. Each remarkable piece is inspired by nature that’s often showcased through plants, florals, and bouquets, with structural design and an organic focus that makes for consistently beautiful pieces. Makitoy often sets rich, dark hues alongside bright, playful accents, and the combination of these two moods adds a wonderful sense of contrast throughout each of the designs.

Various Keytags | @variouskeytags

As a writer, I’m a big fan of quick, witty messages, so I was enamored when I stumbled upon the Various Keytags Instagram feed. Their thoughtful key tag design and hilarious statements makes for a playful account that encourages a lot of scrolling. Their clever tags include everything from “Mar-A-Lago Panic Room” to “Ignore Trolls,” but Various Keytags is more than just sharing words— they’re making statements. A fair share of Barbie Pink hues and other neon colors are sprinkled throughout the feed, making for a brilliant experience. 

You Zhang 铕 | @atom63_

You Zhang is a Los Angeles-based Motion Designer and CG Artist who’s currently working for Microsoft. Zhang’s account is fluid and kaleidoscopic, with moments of movement, 3D designs, and a whole lot of color. While much of the featured work is abstract and textural, it adds a playful realism to mundane objects. Zhang uses contemporary designs to add new perspective to common things, creating a truly immersive and approachable experience.