Five Playful Furniture Designers to Follow on Instagram

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This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend time with my family in Alabama. On Saturday, my mom and I did some shopping around at the local boutiques, and in one dressing room, we found ourselves flabbergasted by the chair within the space. While the seat itself was even, the legs weren’t, creating this wonderful piece of art out of a functional chair.

As a result, we both spent more time taking in the piece of furniture than we typically do. We exchanged a dizzied look, and each took our turn trying out the optical illusion chair. I was intrigued, fascinated, and inspired by this piece of furniture. So much so that this week’s installment of Instagram accounts highlights five designers that create furniture that doubles as exceptional works of art.

Mathieu Lehanneur | @mathieulehanneur

Mathieu Lehanneur approaches design through a multidisciplinary lens. His projects include product design, architecture, furniture, and technology, yet his work goes against conventional characterizations of design, science, and art. Lehanneur is ranked among the ‘100 World’s Top Designers And Influencers’ by Wallpaper* and Surface magazines, and after a glance at his Instagram feed, it’s obvious why. His keen eye for design defies the norm, often mixing textures and shapes, unlike anything I’ve seen before. The creativity is truly unmatched.

Rob Parker | @byard_works

Striking geometric shapes make Rob Parker’s furniture designs highly captivating. Parker’s brand, Byard Works, was created with the idea of developing bold yet simple furniture designs made from highly sustainable materials. The brand, based in East London, finds inspiration from 20th-century architecture with an emphasis on brutalist and modernist details. The images shared on Instagram are magnetic, and it’s also fascinating to see some of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into each design.

Byron Clark | @bcbc______

Byron Clark is a multi-disciplinary designer and maker currently living in London. The works Clark creates constantly push the limits, each with a playful twist. His pieces feature unexpected shapes, materials, and dimensions to develop spontaneous results. Furniture design can often easily feel rigid and uninspired, but Clark truly put playfulness at the forefront of his designs, creating an Instagram feed that’s purely inspirational.

Katy Brett | @katy_brett

There’s no such thing as mundanity within Katy Brett’s Instagram feed. Each image shared feels intentional while also pushing creative boundaries. Brett’s feed is interesting to explore, as she shares images beyond solely furniture design. There are endless textures to explore in every image, but she also ensures that each of her furniture designs features facinating textures, often unexpectedly.


By applying a sculptural approach to material and form, Rodi Studio is a design firm creating the unanticipated. The studio’s first chair collection is inspired by idle play, specifically how humans often mindlessly play with plastic straws. The vision comes to life through aluminum tubes and bright, playful colors. The result is a joyful approach to furniture design and an Instagram feed that proves how just one fun chair can entirely brighten up an interior.