These Exciting International Artists Are Building Their Own Worlds on Instagram

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This week’s five Instagram accounts are each wildly unique on their own, but together, they create a conglomeration of eclectic, rich, and moving work. Each artist below has their own world-view that intrinsically wiggles its way into their feeds and makes for expressive, dazzling, and highly personal output. These distinctive, exceptional creators also have a knack for weaving social issues into their work.

Kris Andrew Small | @krisandrewsmall

Sydney-based artist and designer Kris Andrew Small has an Instagram feed filled with vividly expressive colors, type design, patterns, and collages. He strikes the delicate balance of making social issues feel playful, approachable, and digestible without making light of them. His feed also features collaborations with an impressive list of brands that includes Nike, Apple, Adidas, and YouTube. Small’s vividly expressive vision shines through each concept, while also remaining true to the brand in question.

YINKA ILORI | @yinka_ilori

Yinka Ilori is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer who plays with the function and form of fashion and architecture to visually highlight his British-Nigerian heritage. His immediately inviting Instagram feed showcases colorful, humorous, highly accessible interactive landscapes, like a colorful installation in a Berlin park. Despite its physical nature, you can still feel Ilori’s pure joy radiately effortlessly through his work, even if you can only enjoy it through a screen.

Liv Lee | @liv.leeee

Liv Lee is an Australian artist who draws inspiration from her natural surroundings, especially the native flora. Her unique gouache pieces squish off-kilter fruits and flowers into more rigid, rectangular shapes with neon hues, inspiring forms, and unexpected contrasts. Botanical illustrations have never looked this comfortable or inviting.

Niege Borges | @niegeborges

Brazilian-American graphic designer and illustrator Niege Borges has an Instagram account filled with beautifully feminine energy. Her textured, eclectic, and energizing feed highlights a range of illustration styles, often featuring women and fashion-inspired pieces. I especially love when she showcases client work for prestigious brands like Unilever, Twitter, Teen Vogue, and Allure. Borges captures a different tone of voice and deeper meaning in each design, and often explores complex social issues.

Sebastian Curi | @sebacuri

Sebastian Curi is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and animator known for his wildly unique style, bold shapes, and powerful line work. While his work is consistently vibrant and beautiful, the pieces that stand out to me most are the ones that feature clunky hands. These wildly dynamic drawings use different positions, expressions, and colors to explore human sentiments without depicting a face.