These Five Creators Will Add a Summer Music Festival Feel to Your Instagram Feed

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The end of summer is sentimental for many reasons. But if you’re an outdoor music lover, the end of summer wraps up the season of festivals, alfresco concerts, and time spent outside in general. Because we’re thankfully not quite to the end of summer yet, today’s five Instagram accounts highlight illustrators with a similar style to music festival posters and concert advertisements. They’re thoughtful, edgy, and each shares a hint of rock concert nostalgia.

Lauren Martin | @laurenmartin_studio

New York City artist and illustrator Lauren Martin has an Instagram account inspired by nature and the mundane, but rooted in humor. Plus, when Martin isn’t working on designing new illustrations, she plays synth and guitar in Frankie Cosmos, proving that her nostalgic, music poster-inspired designs are truly ingrained in her ethos. Each of Martin’s works feels reminiscent of miniature cartoons, with humor at the core of each piece. There’s an uplifting, light sentiment to her feed that’s absolutely appreciated in a world overwhelmed by the negative.

Lily McNeil |

If Jimi Hendrix posters were crafted with a richer, darker color palette, they would easily fit within the flow of Lily McNeil’s Instagram feed. Her work is beautifully distinctive, and highlights unusual circumstances and vignettes that still feel grounded and relaxed. The dark color hues create an aura of sophistication, where the subjects feel more youthful. Using the same shades throughout her portfolio makes each piece distinctively part of McNeil’s beautiful collection of works.

Andrew McGranahan | @andrew_mcgranahan

San Diego artist Andrew McGranahan has a psychedelic-inspired Instagram feed motivated by ancient history, science fiction, and surrealism. You can see an influence of ’70s music poster design through the bright, high-contrast colors and beautifully textured patterns. McGranahan’s work is highly visual, and each piece invites interest in the design process and deeper contextual meaning.

Jordan Warren | @jordanwarrenvisuals

Jordan Warren is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from the UK, and when he’s not designing, he’s making music. After graduating a design program in 2020, Warren has since worked with international clients that include Sony Music Nashville, Hitco, North Bend Film Festival, and Eeasy Records. Because of his passion for music, it makes sense that each of Warren’s Instagram posts is inspired by the auditory in some shape or form, from a massive 3D sun playing the saxophone to Spotify Canvas animations.

Nathan Walker |@atpcdesign

Nathan Walker, also known as All The Pretty Colors, is an Austin-based designer with a wide range of focuses, including brand development, animation, mural design, web design, packaging, and illustration. You can definitely feel a thread of southern charm, character, and wit throughout their Instagram feed, with dreamy cocktail illustrations, a big focus on sports-inspired works, and wonderfully wistful color palettes. Walker’s reels are also notable for highlighting the creation process of their illustrations.