Venture Into a New World with These Aesthetically Ambitious Instagrams

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One of the best things about art is how it can transport you to new worlds. Without a word, individual pieces communicate unique perspectives, narratives, and theories rich and vast enough to feel like planets or even galaxies in themselves. This week’s five artists each have the intrinsic ability to take viewers into new spaces, whether that’s through photographs or punch needling. While the approaches differ, the medium isn’t as important as the message.

Jiayue Li | @jiayuerrr

Chinese illustrator and designer Jiayue Li has a knack for turning raw, complex emotions into easily digestible designs. Her signature detailed line work makes Li’s work feel cohesive, yet each piece has an altogether different feel. One of my favorites is “Transparent,” which captures a woman blending into a cloudy landscape background. The piece manages to feel both simple and complicated, and clearly reflective of profound introspection.

Ella Emhoff | @ellaemhoffknits

If you’re into stripes, funky color combinations, or handmade knits, then you’ll instantly fall head over heels in love with Ella Emhoff’s Instagram account. Her quirky, charismatic designs feel uninhibited by creative restraint, and remind me of how my mom used to dress me. If your feed has felt a little monotonous lately, Emhoff’s unique perspective will add a splash of delight to your scroll.

Tüpf Li Sabina Speich | @tuepf_li

While the work by mixed media artist Tüpf Li Sabina Speich is whimsical and cute, there’s a deeper intention behind each piece. She has a personal distaste for fast food, and uses related imagery to explore the concept of overindulgence. One of my favorite pieces on her feed is an oversized egg and bacon that she crocheted with immaculate detail, especially the perfectly crisp edges of the sunny side-up egg.

Honey Art & Nature | @honeyartandnature

Artist Nisan is working to support her family by selling handmade crafts on her Etsy store, Honey Art & Nature. Her story is inspiring, and the textile work on her Instagram is stunning. Each post features a different piece with intricate patterns, enchanting color palettes, and a true sense of whimsy. Fabrics aren’t necessarily an easy medium, and Nisan’s well-constructed compositions reveal her strong talent and eye for trending themes, colors, and patterns.

Tommy Kwak | @tommykwak

Fine art photographer Tommy Kwak captures gorgeous, serene landscapes, and water is an especially common theme in his work. While his pieces are tranquil and quiet, there’s an echo to his negative space. His photography has a unique, poetic rhythm that suggests stillness is just a temporary thing. Kwak also has an impressive resume, and Louis Vuitton recently commissioned a selection of his photos for display at stores in New York, Seattle, and Cologne, Germany.