Yes2 Show at Opens

Posted inGraffiti and Street Art

Graffiti blackbook drawings are an art and a craft all their own, and are emblematic of a moment in time when they, more than photos of finished pieces, were how styles were slowed down and spread from writer to writer. Unlike graffiti art transferred onto canvas (which always feels like a forced transition), blackbook drawings are 100% a part of graffiti and represent no compromise to the market. Bronx native Yes2 is a master of the blackbook drawing, and his work has every authentic detail down pat. He learned from the best as a teenager, did it all the old-fashioned way, and didn’t take shortcuts. He has a show at online gallery Dirtypilot through Feb 7, where these and other very reasonably priced works are on view along with works by Queens old timer Louie ‘KR’ Gasparro. Enjoy.