Carnegie Hall Refreshes ‘Timeline of African American Music’ Through a New Design By Synoptic Office

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 Synoptic Office, a design consultancy founded by Caspar Lam and YuJune Park, recently worked with Carnegie Hall to refresh the Timeline of African American Music. Because music can be so engrossed in the happenings of daily life, the timeless is a historical and musical representation that enables future generations to examine the prosperous history and influence of African American music.

Founders of Synoptic Office would also be happy to offer comment on the project or be interviewed on how design is unlocking music education or how to go from analysing your data to activating it through design.

The refreshed Timeline of African American Music provides the next generation of students, educators, researchers, and music lovers worldwide with an interactive digital resource exploring the rich history and influence of African American music.

In Africa, music is central to all aspects of social life in multifarious ways. Synoptic Office was tasked with making 400 years’ worth of audio and data – academic essays, photos and historical images, including related holdings from Carnegie Hall’s Archives – easy and compelling to explore.

With music embedded within the timeline itself, Synoptic’s collaboration with Apple Music allows Carnegie to tell the story of music in an innovative way – the history of music through music.

“Carnegie Hall’s Timeline of African American Music is a prime example of the ways in which education, technology, and design can be combined for the greatest possible impact,” says Park. “The impact of the new timeline is, in large part, about bringing the history of African American Music beyond classroom conversations, and to the wider public.”

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 Synoptic Office