CutOut’s Celebration Issue Features Gradients Galore Designed By Tsubaki Studio

Posted inGraphic Design

Who doesn’t love a rainbow-inspired gradient?

It screams carefree happiness, the feeling of a joyous nostalgic day, where the sun is out, and the weather is warm. Designed by Tsubaki Studio, the magazine features graphic design and pop culture. For the magazine’s 26th and final issue, Tsubaki Studio created a cover that’s both enchanting and refreshing, a positive way to end the magazine’s rich history. Plus, the holographic details of the logo take this cover design from excellent to impeccable, a stunning cover design indeed.

Hey folks! Our long-awaited new issue is here finally! Take a sneak peek at the CELEBRATION issue. For more you gotta get a copy ~ you know how much we appreciate your support! To be honest, we were not able to do much over the past two years due to the pandemic but we thought let’s do something about it. This is our 26th and last issue in this format before we embark on a new journey to bring you something more exciting and refreshing. Stay tuned! Better times are coming!

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