Designers & Illustrators Envision Life in 100 Years

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Today, Future London Academy is announcing its Executive Programme for Design Leaders, a series of five two-week modules in the UK and the US.

As part of the launch, the organization asked 17 artists and designers from 13 countries to imagine the world in 100 years.

Here are a few of the responses. For the rest, stay tuned to Future London Academy.

Kezia Gabriella

“In the next 100 years, I think the housing system will be more space efficient and energy conscious. Houses will be equipped with anti-gravity components that create more space for homeowners, solar panels installed on the exterior, energy-efficient windows and vertical farming facilities on the rooftop.”

Niyi Okeowo

“My piece shows what a monument would look like in 100 years, ecology and water intact, promising a future where we haven't destroyed the planet and at the same time have advanced in technology. The monument features a monolith in the middle with a replica of a future planet being housed inside it, with the help of future technology that serves as a magnet that holds the replica within the monolith.”

Ritika Barua

“I feel that within the next century, man will not just be able to land on Mars but also start a civilization on it.”

Nayab Fatima

“I believe law and enforcement will be replaced by AI algorithms and robots. Plus, I think hovering things will be a legit accessible tech for masses. Since AI technology is getting more advanced everyday, I think smart robotic pets will be a thing.”

Fernando Molina

“I see the perfect harmony between technology, nature and science, without any kind of aggression between them. The balance in the evolution of everyone will give us openings for new searches and knowledge.”