Diet Coke’s Campaign By Droga5 Gets Aesthetic Inspiration From the 80s and 90s

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Coca-Cola recently redesigned in collaboration with the design firm Kenyon Weston. Because of this shift, the brand needed a way to showcase its new Diet Coke can in a way that glimmered with pure radiance.

Droga5's team created the "Just Because" campaign for the product to promote and celebrate self-confidence. To do so, the team took aesthetic inspiration from the 80s and 90s, entertaining the brand's beginnings.

When done right, cracking open a Diet Coke on a hot summer afternoon and pouring the sweet liquid over a cold glass of ice embarks one on a whimsical and alluring journey. Droga5 took that feeling and transformed it into a visual celebration of an ad with the help of director Autumn de Wilde for the commercials-along with a refreshed Just For the Taste of It jingle from Thundercat-and dramatic close-up images by photographer Philotheus Nisch for the print ads.

The results are utterly dreamlike, with charming shades of pinks and purples paired with a sparkling 3D chrome script font. The confidence radiates throughout the bold campaignThe confidence radiates throughout the bold campaign. And the thoughtfulness of honoring the luminescence of the silver can compliments the brand's overall aesthetic.

It can be a risky move to use exaggerated tones from the past as they've been done before, but Droga5, Diet Coke, Philotheus Nisch, and Autumn de Wilde have created an unapologetically magical campaign full of charm and wit.