Design is Pretty White: Diversity in Design Wants To Rectify That

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There’s no denying that there is a diversity gap in the design field; according to research from Data USA, only 4.84% of designers are Black. Not only does this mean that companies are not internally diverse, but it means that, externally, the look and feel of products nationally and globally come to fruition without an inclusive perspective.

Diversity in Design collaborative (DID) is on a mission to address and change this absence of Black creatives in design. Their leadership creates a space where companies and industry partners acknowledge that diversity is a creative advantage and can work together to bridge the racial gap.

The group is kickstarting collaborative efforts to make significant changes, including raising awareness and access for youth involved in design, enhancing opportunities for students, and providing opportunities for upcoming designers through mentorships, internships, and professional development.

.To be an active member of the group, financial contributions aren’t necessary. Instead, to participate, companies are pledging sweat equity to help out in vital and operative ways. Companies such as COLLINS, Dropbox, Gap, Work & Co, Pentagram, and countless others have made their pledges. Some companies have already started helping out. Work & Co, for example, is the UX partner and the powerhouse behind the initiative’s website design. COLLINS implemented a high school internship program that stretches into BIPOC students’ college careers and assisting with job placement, in addition to intensive online classes

Advocacy groups such as Where Are The Black Designers are vital and considerably encourage Black artists, DID is distinctive in that it’s working to make changes at the root of the problem which, like many topics, starts with adolescents. These changes can help launch a more diverse and inclusive design community by engaging and supporting Black youth.