Nicky Chulo and Kenny Rivero Collaborate To Design Radhames Rodriguez’s ‘Every Bad Day Has Good News’ Project

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NickyChulo recently worked as the Art Director with painter Kenny Rivero for Radhames Rodriguez’s project “Every Bad Day Has Good News.” The result is refined graphics, unique album cover art, and typography and color palette that elevate the experience. The language and tone throughout the designs are classic yet subtle, with fine artistry strewn throughout. While simple, the art direction is utterly polished, a beautiful partnership between two talented artists. Additionally, if you’re interested in seeing more of Kenny’s art, be sure to check out his exhibit Bad Picture of Me, Good Picture of Us.

Working with my favorite musicians is more often scary than not, but seeing, hearing, and feeling this project come together has been like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Had the immense pleasure of working with @radamiz on the art direction his forthcoming project “Every Bad Day Has Good News” Big love to the incredible painter @champaint_papi🎨 

Shout out to @waseel.wav@rayanajay, and the entire Basewood family for embracing two east coast cats who happened to themselves in the west. This couldn’t have happened how it happened without you!

Project Credits

Nicky Chulo
Kenny Rivero