Fly With Oiselle, A Catalog By And For Women Athletes

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Oiselle is an American running company for women by women. The first print publication for the brand was designed by Steven Watson and Regina Baerwalde of the creative agency, Turnstyle.

The publication's goal was to explore themes in the running community and elevate athletes' voices. The design is based upon a grid and has lively elements that visually run and flow through the pages. The fluorescent ink is an element chosen thoughtfully, a tip of the cap to their Firecracker Collection featured in the new issue, and a line created for reflection and nighttime running. Overall, Oiselle's publication is inclusive, thoughtful, and beautifully executed through both design and thought.

Meet Bird Machine: Oiselle’s first print publication including original writings from runners Lauren Fleshman, Kara Goucher, and Alison Mariella Désir—alongside a closer look at fall 2020’s flystyle. Oiselle (French for bird) is a women’s running apparel company founded in 2007 with a mission to create a company where the through line of women-led decision-making and product innovation is complete.

They foster a global team that shares the connection, ideas and complexity of women who won’t accept anything less than their full humanity. The inaugural issue celebrates the joy of body movement and explores how it is forever linked to what it produces: personal growth and collective power. Come fly with Oiselle. Limited Edition, 12” x 17.5”, 24 pgs., 2-color (1 fluorescent—check it out under blacklight!).

Project Credits

Art Director(s): Steven Watson/Regina Baerwalde

Designer: Regina Baerwalde

Photographer(s): Various