Imagine Creates Post Cards That Reveal A Universal Human Truth Thanks To COVID

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We've all spent the past year doing laps around our dining table and walking miles and miles in our backyard to feel like we're doing something "adventurous." The Greece-based agency, Sputnik Design Team, created a series of postcards for the travel agency Homo Travellus that taps right into the truth of us not leaving our homes for the past year. The two-tone text overlay reveals conversions of certain famous travel activities, such as climbing the Eiffel Tower, to doing a similar action in your home, in this case, walking up and down your stairs.

These postcards reveal a human truth that we've all taken part in and are executed flawlessly from a design standpoint. They're simple while still being a bit of a riddle. It's all about finding a silver lining when it comes to COVID, and these postcards are just that.

Imagine is a series of postcards for bespoke travel agency Homo Travellus. Designed to reach out to travelers stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To speak to the heart of the avid traveller, we matched landmark destinations with everyday life at home. We found real data of iconic monuments and calculated an equivalent experience at home.

"Imagine walking along the Great Wall of China" | "Imagine walking around your garden 4 million times."

To depict the parallel experiences, we superimposed two layers of type in complimentary colors that can be read separately, but seen as one. The postcards were sent by direct mail over the holiday season.

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