Money Mag and Zipeng Zhu Prove That Gen Z is Rewriting The Rules Of Personal Finance

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Zipeng Zhu is designing for money…Money Mag, that is. The NYC-based designer, art director, illustrator, and animator is known for his dazzling work for brands such as Harry's, MTV VMAs, The Jewish Museum, and countless others.

Recently, the talented artist created the latest cover for Money Mag with their newly refreshed logo and identity. This most recent issue is all about Gen Z and how they're rewriting and reshaping the rules for personal finance. The cover, rightfully, features everything from the Dogecoin mascot, quotes like "Secure the bag," and, of course, Elon Musk, the boss and dictator of Gen Z.

Using green as the primary color is a perfect nod to the magazine itself, and contrasting it with light pinks, bright blues, vibrant yellows, and strawberry red, each illustration and image pops off the page.

While I might not personally identify with the Gen Z generation, I am attracted to the cover of this magazine. I would most definitely give it a good old-fashioned read.

Project Credits

ZipenRecGequog Zhu | @zzdesign

Animation Assistance: Sam Lee