NASA Inspires the Next Generation Of Space Explorers Through Comic Book ‘First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity’

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It seems like every day there’s a new holiday, and on September 25th, if you weren’t aware, some of us spent the day celebrating National Comic Book Day. 

In celebration of this underrated holiday, NASA released its first wholly digital and interactive graphic novel titled “First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity.” 

This comic, written by Brad Gann and Steven List and illustrated by Brent Donoho with Kaitlin Reid, follows the fictitious story of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon. Through this graphic novel, NASA’s goal is to inspire the next generation of space explorers and spread messages regarding perseverance, passion, and the art of dreaming big. Throughout the 40 pages, NASA has highlighted remarkable technologies and memorable moments of perseverance and dedication. 

“We crafted this graphic novel and digital ecosystem to share NASA’s work in a different and exciting way,” said Derek Wang, director of communications for the Space Technology Mission Directorate at the agency’s Headquarters in Washington. “We set out to make the content both engaging and accessible. From space fans of all ages to hardworking educators looking for new ways to get students excited about STEM, we hope that there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

Not only is the graphic novel intriguing on its own, but there are distinct AI elements throughout so readers can walk through life-size scenes from the graphic novel created and XR Enabled by bully! entertainment. 

“First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity” can be read through NASA’s website, and you can find the audio version on NASA’s SoundCloud.