Norte.Ar #1 Will Guide You Into The Future

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Launched in May 2020, Norte.Ar #1 is a publication created for Porto Business School that acts as a guide towards understanding and implementing change in the complex reconstruction process of the social fabric global economy.​​​​​​​

The entire publication is based on navigation, as seen through the compass, the four colors chosen, and the flow and dynamism seen throughout the design system. The font choice is perfectly fitting as it's both retro and fresh, taking into account the importance of the past while proving the weight of our future.

Porto Business School believes that the future and the [re] creation of possible futures should be guided around 4 dimensions: Purpose, People, Planet and Profit. The school’s mission is to teach, not by giving the answers, but by placing the various possible scenarios. The publication launched — NORTE.AR — fulfills this purpose: to serve as a future memory, pointing out paths that can serve our leaders – political, social, cultural, economic and environmental – helping to guide the complex process of reconstruction of the social fabric global economy.​​​​​​​Taking into account the name of the publication ( can be read as going north / forward) and the concept of building new futures, we created a set of elements that would translate as a navigation system: a compass rose to lead the way, and a grid like the ones seen in navigation maps.The four dimensions were also a starting point for the editorial design, by differentiating them by color and graphic elements, like on the cover. This concept gets more present throughout reading, where the publication is divided by these dimensions. The design sought to reinforce the uncertainty of the future, while also conveying movement and dynamism.​​​​​​​

The magazine was launched in May 2020 and can also be read online here.

Project Credits

Mano a Mano | @manoamanoclub