‘Notes From The Palace’ is a Publication Honoring Czapski Palace

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Designed by Poland-based Graphic Designer Renata Motyka, the publication Notes from The Palace explore the history and traditions of Czapski Palace. Because the palace is so rich in history and now known as the home of the Academy of Fine Arts, it only makes sense that the book is as elegant and refined as it is. Featuring a soft neutral cover with a gorgeous and delicate font, it's clear that the book is both timeless and tastefully done.

Project of a publication "Notes from Palace'' created to celebrate reconstruction and renovation of Czapski Palace – the residence of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Czapski Palace is an unusual building. The story dates back to the first 17th century. Palace was rebuilt many times and represented many architectural styles. It was a place for poets and writers in the XIXth century. Burned down in The Second World War and then rebuilt according to Stanisław Brukalski’s project that restores the palace’s appearance from the mid-eighteen century. Nowadays, the Palace is the seat of the Academy of Fine Arts.

The main goal of reconstruction was to make the Palace a modern and prestigious center of culture and science with respect for the historical background of the place at the same time.

Designing has been preceded by historical research, therefore the project is based on Stanisław Brukalski's sketch and building design. Publication could be also used as a notebook/sketchbook. It includes a historical timetable, archival photographs, reprinted and digitized sketches, and free space for the lecturer.

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