Pasteboard Makes Us Rethink The Definition Of Art

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Pasteboard is a collection of digital designs that happened by happy accident.

Like most artists, when designing, Timothy O'Donnell drags unused elements off to the side of his digital dartboard. Unlike most artists, however, he turns these new elements into art. I love that some of the designs are chaotic and messy, while others look entirely purposeful. There's something to say about art that gets made with absolutely no meaning behind it. It's where there is no meaning that we find meaning, and that itself is art, where the viewer becomes the artist.

When designing, I tend to drag elements off to the side of the pasteboard without noting where they go — once I zoom out, I often find interesting tangles of copy, logos, color swatches and random shapes. I've been collecting these examples over the course of my career, and when UK publisher Unseen Sketchbooks approached me about working together, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share these graphic collisions, which feature details from my work with 4AD Records, MTV, HarperCollins, and others.

Project Credits:

Works by Timothy O'Donnell, cover screenprinted by Christopher Hunt. Published by Unseen Sketchbooks, UK.