Pilgrim Soul Delivers The Original Creative Thinking Journal

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For many cannabis aficionados, today is held in high regard.

It’s a day that excuses cannabis consumers to veg out, release their innermost creativity, and experiment in the kitchen—all simultaneously or independently. But we’re here to let you know that, while 4/20 only comes around once a year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t explore your imaginative side on the other 364 days.

Pilgrim Soul has created a guided journal filled with creative challenges meant to spark the imagination from within. The challenges inspire you to push the way you think so you can uncover new possibilities and ideas.

The beginning of the journal states, “If you choose, cannabis can be a shortcut to unlocking your innate creative ability and increasing your creative output. Cannabis has been used by artists, scientists, and thinkers for thousands of years to help provide a proper mindset to express new ideas… using cannabis doesn’t mean that all of your ideas will be great ones, but that is not the point. The point of creativity is to create.”

The journal's pages include a chunky, almost handwritten font that will encourage you to let loose and get as imaginative as possible. Flip through the pages, and you'll find solely black and white, which will make you want to bring your most vivid markers to brighten up the spreads. Each page has something different to share, whether it be a trippy pattern announcing the next phase of the book or a quirky line-drawn illustration that's begging to be colored and filled in. The overall design is simply allowing you to focus on the mind-boggling prompts throughout

And while you can be high while you fill the contents of the pages, you don’t have to be. You can get into your flow state from various other activities, including meditation, dancing, aromatherapy, music, going out in nature, etc. Whatever brings you to your most creative state is perfect for this journal. Just get there, and unleash your inner creativity, and get journaling.