Postmates Explores How Food Defines Our Character

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Postmates is a hero of a brand. Whenever you want any food, and I mean ANY type, Postmates always delivers, literally. So whether you have a craving for ramen or falafel, you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

It only makes sense that a brand that delivers an eclectic mix of different foods would have a campaign that's just as eclectic. In their most recent campaign, with the help of creative directors Jules Tardy and Aimee Hoffman, Postmates explores how food defines our character based on our evolving relationship with certain types of food. The photographs are editorial, fascinating, and comical.

Postmates is a food delivery brand, which doesn't mean that their campaigns cannot be artistic and different. You have to love when a brand pushes the creative limits.

Our work with Postmates represents an exploration of our relationship with food through an absurdist lens.. Confined to our homes during the pandemic, we imagined food as an expression of self — not simply objects to be consumed, but those that define our character.

Project Credits

Creative Direction: Jules Tardy, Aimee Hoffman, Design: Maria Vaquero, Assistant AD: Hanna La Salvia, Executive Creative Director: Matt Luckhurst, President: Seth Mroczka

Photography: Cody Guilfoyle, Models: Jules Williams, Hana Tyszka, Food Styling: Casey Dobbins, Assistant Food Stylist: Alina Hardin, Line Producer: Cadian Kennard, Prop Stylist: Sam Slosburg

Postmates: Head of Brand: Kevin Byrd, Creative Producer: Adam Leao, Art Director: Jason Camera