Prostoria’s Editorial Catalog is As Stunning As the Products Within

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There's no refuting that catalogs are innately dull. Their main goal is to sell you products and often lack in both quality and design. Prostoria, however, is a furniture company that realizes the value of a beautifully designed catalog. The layout is impeccable for both shopping and inspiring consumers through gorgeously composed typography, a neutral yet playful color palette, and editorial style images. A job well done, especially because most brands aren't courageous enough to do so.

Prostoria is a family business built on a passion for creating quality furniture that enriches living space. From its very beginning, the brand has been led by design as a tool for creating higher value and quality standards in the development and production of furniture. Prostoria’s portfolio features a design icon, the Polygon armchair. Its products are sold in over 900 premium salons around the world.

Prostoria “Collections 2021” catalog is for interior designers, architects, design engineers, and investors. It is an inspiration and support in creating quality spaces.

The catalog brings to the fore the top design of the collection of Prostoria’s products presented through photographs of a minimalist set. The Catalog’s maximally refined straightforward design, the modern use of typography, and the lay-out system emphasize furniture’s functionality, the high quality of the materials, and the modularity of individual pieces.

The character of the selected typeface (Favorit) follows the typology of recognizable furniture design elements through characteristic details such as angles and endings of strokes of characters.

This year, the Prostoria brand received the esteemed international award German Brand Award Winner 2021. The year is marked by exhibitions and the film “Revisiting Factory”, which you can read more about

Project Credits

Izvorka Juric

Jurica Kos

Marko Korzinek