Rafael Serra Reimagines Iconic Logos Through a Nostalgic ’80s Lens

Posted inGraphic Design

20th century nostalgia isn’t going anywhere, and plenty of brands are cashing in on the desire for more old-fashioned graphics. Portuguese lettering artist and type designer Rafael Serra has clearly taken note, and recently presented his own endearing, ’80s-inspired logo redesigns.

While most of the brands he chose already retain a strong ’80s association, like Vans or Uno, he doesn’t shy away from modern tech, like Spotify and Playstation. The designs feature a light spot-the-reference feel that ’80s kids are sure to love. Serra’s reimagined Spotify logo recalls a glitchy landscape from Tron, while Microsoft and Playstation’s color-blocked squares evoke the classic look of handheld memory game Simon. Clean lines and poppy, streamlined colors ground his designs in the here and now.

Check out some of our favorites below, and explore the rest of Serra’s work on his website.