A Conceptual Beer Design That Fills Us With Nostalgia

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Designers Lucas Wakamatsu and Bruno Faiotto created the conceptual beer brand Nostalgia while in the depths of COVID lockdowns. The pure sense of happiness and joy that radiates from the beer label's design emulates the purest sense of the sentimental feels we all had while we quarantined. Each flavor gets depicted through a different illustration on the label. The vivid colors and bold designs fill me with a wistfulness for the past and a "normal" future.

Nostalgia relates to the melancholy feeling of missing someone or some moment, it is an internal wish to revisit good old memories that may never happened, to yearn for distant blurred past days."Nostalgia" was created in times of lockdown and social distancing, a conceptual beer packaging that creates an imaginary environment in which each person is able to relive their best memories in one sip.From the retro and playful logo to it's colorful and cozy illustrations, the identity seeks to visually translate the memories and feelings that lives inside each of the five flavours: Noite (Night), Centelha (Spark), Turvo (Blur), Oceano (Ocean) and Brisa (Breeze).

NOSTALGIA from Lucas Wakamatsu on Vimeo.

Project Credits

Lucas Wakamatsu

Bruno Faiotto

Typography:Fraunces, Gimlet Display & Campaign