ThoughtMatter’s Flags Are Flying High To Inspire Optimism

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Flags are an unsung hero. They say so much and bring a sense of general understanding wherever they may fly, whether on a flagpole, a storefront, or the moon.

Branding and design studio, ThoughtMatter recognizes the power of the flag and harnesses its ability to help bring awareness and support to vital yet under-appreciated nonprofits groups. These aren't your standard flag designs either, with bold colors, no text or numbers, no seals or busy designs; these won't just be flapping aimlessly in the background.

As we’ve all learned from the recent flag-waving insurrection at the US Capitol, flags can be powerful symbols of negativity. But what if designers used flags in a positive way to empower the groups, brands, and orgs that deserve the spotlight for their effort to uplift the community, promote equality and support the arts?

That’s the premise of this recent flag design project from agency ThoughtMatter.

Selecting a number of vital but under appreciated nonprofits that they’ve worked with like the Alliance for Downtown New York, Central Park Conservancy, and Union Square Partnership as well as organizations committed to improving the lives of others, like GirlForward, Second Alarm, Coffee Coalition for Racial Equity, the Clinton School and many others, ThoughtMatter created unique flags for each and rose them high to give these brands the attention they deserve. Overall they created 24 flags and photographed them around the city.

In case you’re unfamiliar, ThoughtMatter is known for their artful approach to activist design including their radical redesign of the US Constitution, which was covered by Fast Company and others, as well as their protest posters which have been used at the Women’s March, The March For Our Lives and elsewhere, earning them attention from The New York Times and BuzzFeed.

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