TYPE01 Magazine Is Merging Analog With Digital Through Immersive QR Technology

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If anyone is going to say it, it's us: print is not dead. If anything, it's evolved, and it will continue to evolve.

TYPE01 Magazine is a publication that's progressing with the times. They've masterminded a way to merge analog with digital to allow readers to view moving images throughout the pages of seemingly static ones with the help of Hamburg-based multidisciplinary designer Giang Nguyen, also known as Gydient. The QR code technology helps create the transformation of static to kinetic-based design, which pioneers an immersive experience for print. You'll find bold graphics, oversized typography, and graphics that are so interesting you'll be captivated throughout the pages.

We know the real question you’re asking. How can you translate static images in print to something that moves? Whilst there isn’t a technology yet that allows for moving images to be integrated into a piece of paper (maybe someone someday will create a real-life version of The Daily Prophet newspaper from the Harry Potter films) until then we needed to find our own solution. To merge analogue with digital, we’ve incorporated QR code technology throughout the magazine which allows viewers to capture a code and be sent directly to the specific animation that they see on paper. Not to mention the beautiful lenticular split cover designed by Gydient to illustrate the illusion of motion.

Kinetic (moving) type has seen an abundance of exponential growth in the last 50 years as the possibilities of matching text and motion has grown in direct correlation to the equally exponential, if not more so, developments in technology. Having manifested itself and created a solid home in our design industry, for the second issue of TYPEONE magazine, we explore the methods, the logic, and the creatives behind this exciting niche using QR codetechnology to translate static content to moving imagery.

To illustrate an illusion of motion, we incorporated a very special lenticular printed cover designed by Hamburg-based artist Gydient. Simply angle the cover from left to right to watch the number 2 untwist!

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