‘Risíveis Amores’ Isn’t Your Typical Romance Novel

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Risíveis Amoress is giving me an orange crush on this design system for Milan Kundera's romance novel. The work is a collection of typographical explorations designed by a multitude of classical and contemporary designers alike. Using a sherbert-inspired orange hue is a nice twist as romance is typically associated with other nameless shades. Avoiding cliches and creating new conditions is a theme surrounding this design, and I'm here for the unexpectedness.

Romance written by Milan Kundera, published for the first time in 1970. A compilation of 7 tales full of singularities, characters of strong personalities and stories that bring them all in common, a frigid and melancholy ending. This work presents itself as a typographic experimentation and the influence of its origin in the publishing of the material. Along with this experimentation comes the desire to make design "visible" without losing its function of delivering information in a unique and no less creative way.

Concept Inspired by the specific points of each chapter, an intervention was made in the main grid so that it brought a new reading environment, taking advantage of the distinction of the tales. Focusing on the typographic use to give "voice" to the information, a search was made for type developers, among them artists, typographers and designers, with their common birthplace. A delimitation was made for a preferential selection to productions from the Czech Republic, home country of the author of the novel. Classical designers like Vojtěch Preissig (1873–1944), Slavoboj Tusar (1883-1950), Joseph Týfa (1913-2007) and more contemporary ones like Vojtěch Říha, Frantisek Storm, Jan Charvát were selected to build the book's graphic setting .

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Elson Morais