Top 5 Motion Designers To Follow On Instagram

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Motion design is something that I have a slight obsession with. Maybe it's because I can't quite figure out how to master the skill myself. I've taken a class or two on Skillshare to try to learn, but let me tell you, it's a beast to tackle. Designing is one thing, but then designing something that actually moves a believable, seemingly natural way that doesn't look like the robot dance is on a whole other level. Not to mention there are thousands of different movements and motions.

If it's a skill you possess, I simultaneously admire you, am jealous of you, and would like you dead. Amidst my love for motion design comes a long list of designers I respect. Here are five you need to follow right this second. Warning, you will become inspired.

Manon Louart

I actually took Manon's class on Skillshare and think it's a fabulous way to start learning the skill of motion design if you're interested or intrigued in the slightest. Her lessons were simple to follow, and she's great about answering any questions you have throughout the course. I recently found out that she has another class coming soon on Skillshare, and I can’t wait to take that one as well. Plus, she's just an immensely talented designer and illustrator. Her constant use of pinks, purples, and poppy colors can make even the grumpiest person cheery.

Georgie Yana

Georgie Yana's style is unmatched, and she shares her knowledge with her Instagram followers on a semi-regular basis, which is admirable because my secrets will die with me. She has tips such as how to export designs for Instagram and how to animate font weights. Additionally, her designs are bold, loud, and busy but still rooted in minimalism. Don't believe it's possible? Well, it is, and Georgie proves it.

Mat Voyce

Not only is Mat Voyce a fantastic designer, but he has a tremendous sense of humor as well; just check out his bio. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for self-deprecation, but alas. His graphics are bold, simple, minimal, bright, and just all-around fun. His “Smile On A Trip" and “!!!” pieces are worth the price of non-admission, and the bold designs, bright colors, and simplicity will get your creative juices flowing.

Thomas Burden

I'm obsessed with Thomas Burden's “Soft Rock" piece on Instagram that shows type transitioning from inflation to crumbling. It’s amazing to see how two opposing textures can come together so flawlessly. And yes, I know this is weird, but I literally want to reach through the screen and touch the letters he created for the #36daysoftype challenge. The texture! The vision!

Carmelo Barberá

Carmelo Barberá has work so phenomenal that once you start scrolling, you won't stop. I'm only warning you because I might've learned the hard way. From the encapsulating motion pieces paired with sound to the peachy paper piece, I am infatuated. His contemporary aesthetic is inspiring because he creates one-of-a-kind pieces that leave me both intrigued and serene.