Top Five Art Directors To Follow On Instagram

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Art Directors are the superheroes of aesthetics, the designated eye for design, the interpreters of the visuals. Art Directors are fascinatingly vital because they act as a pipeline, linking the client and the creative team. 

Always original, and never without a unique outlook, Art Director’s perspectives are worth diving deeper into, so today, we’re sharing the top five Art Directors that you need to follow on Instagram. Each account shares tidbits of their work, including inspirational passion projects, and is sure to give you at least a little bit of creative gumption.

Jeremy Sengly | @jeremysengly

Art Director, designer, and animator, Jeremy Sengly is a man of many talents. Most of his posts are doodles and comics, all ingrained with a wicked sense of humor. However, one post that stood out the most was a comic strip about LA summers; it’s nuanced yet simplistic, a perfect reflection of the summer heat. Jeremy has created for Lazor Wulf, Vice, MTV, SuperDeluxe, and FoxADHDm; his feed is proof of the range of styles he can design for.

Laurène Boglio | @boglio_boglio

As the Art Director for Little White Lies, a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them, Boglio surrounds herself with creativity. From France and currently based in Brooklyn, she helps the publication’s audience open their eyes just a tad bit wider to the world surrounding them. Her feed swims with GIFs and illustrations that each showcase a unique outlook on different scenarios. She also has quite the resume, with clients ranging from The New York Times to the BBC to Barnard University.

Jessie Bearden | @jessiebearden

You might know Jessie Bearden from NBC’s Making It, hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, but you’ve most definitely seen her work elsewhere. Bearden began her career in New York City after studying Art Direction at the University of Texas at Austin, but her side project became her full-time job in a genuinely creative fashion. She’s worked with clients such as The Gap and ESPN, and her work features unorthodox materials to create fascinating works.

Artem Matyushkin | @artem.indd

Based in both New York and Moscow, Artem Matyushkin is an Art Director and graphic designer who has a strong eye for typographical design. Having worked with MoMA, Dover Street Market, Totokaelo, and Condé Nast, his work is refined and highly technical. Often sticking to a soft color palette and curved type, his designs are unmistakably his own. Some of my favorite pieces on Artem’s feed were designed for Bambule and consist of vibrant yet trippy graphics that make you crave more.

Carla Palette | @carla.palette

With a bio proudly stating, “I’m Not For Everyone,” you know that Carla Palette’s work is beautifully provocative, intense, and alternative. Her feed comes filled with color, bold and unique typefaces, and she often shares other designers’ work that inspires her. While based in Berlin, Carla works with global beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle brands. So while she might not be for everyone, her work certainly is.