Top Five Floral Illustrators To Follow On Instagram

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It's a cliche that florals mean all things spring. I'm aware.

But I'm also mindful that florals are innately happy and put a literal spring in my step when I'm walking outside after a long, cold, lonely pandemic-induced winter. So, yes, florals might be banal or induce groans, but you can't deny that they make us all excited for the warm weather that's around the corner.

Regardless, if you don't yet see flowers blooming outside your window just yet, take a peek at these Instagrammers because their work might trick your brain into thinking it's the real thing.

Gia Graham

Gia was born in Barbados but now lives in Atlanta and loves to infuse her island girl origins with her urban girl viewpoints into her pieces. You can see her geographical inspiration through the vivid colors paired with sophisticated font choices throughout her Instagram. She primarily designs through a digital process using her iPad and Apple Pencil. Not only is Gia's Instagram filled with floral inspiration, but she also teaches hand lettering classes on Skillshare. From her series highlighting history-making women to her quirky Valentine's Day cards, I'm inspired.

Michelle Parascandolo

Based in New York City, Michele is a freelance pattern designer and illustrator who finds inspiration from nature, and you'll constantly find bright color palettes at work with all her pieces. She's even collaborated with brands such as Golden Coil, Elle Decor, and Wayfair.

When you check out her Instagram, you'll find squares bursting with fresh blooms, quirky color combinations, and whimsical inspiration. One of my favorites of Michelle's is an almost landscape scene where a bouquet of multi-color leaves gets propped on a cheetah tablescape. It's whimsical, I'm telling you.

Polina Oshu

When it comes to sketchbook pattern design, Polina knows what she's doing. Her pages come filled to the brim with rich, lively colors and endless iterations of florals. One of the most extraordinary things about her Instagram, besides her perfectly curated feed, is the fact that she shares how she determines the best color combinations via her stories. She walks through how she analyzes the color wheel and gives you tips such as how complementary colors make your ideas more energetic and bold. She also provides you with practice exercises so you can deeply understand her processes with color. You'll realize how vital color combinations are when you see her feed. Peach, gold, and indigo hues galore!

Carolyn Gavin

Meet the painter, designer, and illustrator, Carolyn. She can do it all, and she does, in fact, do it all. Whether she's creating with a paintbrush or a mouse, her designs are peppy. There's not an ounce of her work that isn't filled with joy, and it shines through from piece to piece—even her personal logo blooms. If you need to add a sprinkle of color to your Instagram timeline, you don't want to miss this opportunity. The works she made for International Women's Day features women with hair bouquets and are bright and perfect in every way. She also shares a few timelapse videos of how she creates her masterpieces, and I could watch them on loop for hours.

Ella Ginn

Ella has a feed filled with refined floral designs. While her color choices are often more muted and elegant, her pieces thrive. Her designs are stunning, and some almost look like they're printed from an etched drawing. Many of her A-Z illustrations include floral illustrations, and they are a force to be reckoned with. She often uses Procreate via the iPad to design her works, but each piece still has grit and character that can sometimes get lost with digital illustrations.