Top Five GIF Artists To Follow On Instagram

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We can all agree that GIF stands for “graphics interchange format,” and if you didn’t already know that, thank me next time someone asks the question at your local trivia night. 

What we can’t agree on, however, is how GIF is pronounced. It’s a long-standing debate that will, honestly, never be solved, much like the viral internet phenomenon of 2015 regarding the dress, which some folks see as either (or both) white with gold lace or blue with black lace. I see a white dress with gold lace for those curious minds, which I think is the correct neurological response to the image, impartially, of course. 

And while the superior pronunciation will always be GIF, as in the peanut butter, we can agree that below you’ll find five GIF artists on Instagram that you need to follow. Whether for their humor, beauty, or grace, each artist’s GIFs are endless loops of inspiration. 

Charles Deck | @bigblueboo

London-based digital designer, engineer, and entrepreneur Charles Deck has an Instagram account that will make your mind spin in the best possible way. What you’ll find are loops of designs that range from a quirky little hedgehog stuck on its back to gorgeously minimal hypnotic geometrical loops. One person even commented on the hypnotic-inspired piece stating, “this is breaking my brain (in a good way.” Deck is currently the lead environmental designer for AI company DeepMind’s internal research collaborations, proving his vast intersectional knowledge of the tech and design worlds. 

Ndubisi Okoye | @n_du_time

With a BFA in Advertising Design and a background as an Art Director for clients ranging from General Motors to Netflix to Pepsi, Ndubisi Okoye is a multidisciplinary artist with an eye for design. His Instagram focuses on his GIFs that often call attention to political issues and the complexity of Blackness. Notably, Ndubisi created the GIFs for Drake’s Certified Lover Boy album that are typographically inspired. So if you’re looking to be motivated, uplifted, and more socially aware, definitely give this account a follow.  

Hope Sincere |

Hope Sincere is a multidisciplinary artist, meaning she’s skilled in graphic design, motion, animation, VFX, photography, and videography. Currently, she works at GIPHY, and her Instagram account features a range of GIFs that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Think Santa stuck in the chimney or a sweet dancing ice cream cone. The reason Hope loves creating GIFs is that she’s able to spread joy, and there’s no denying that her GIFs have done just that. 

Chantal Caduff | @chantalcaduff

Based in Berne, Switzerland, Chantal is a collage GIF and animation artist. Distinctly, she’s an official Giphy artist on Currently, she has 1.8 billion views, and if you look at what she’s created on her Instagram account, you’ll understand why. Chantal’s creations are mesmerizing, eclectic, and different from any other GIF I’ve personally seen before. Her mind works in ways other artists could only dream of. Personally, her recent work for New York Fashion week and Papyrus has caught my eye, and I can’t stop watching the loop of the feet in high heels on the rainbow background: enchanting. 

Jason Clarke | @bucketofbrains

With a bio as straightforward as “Millennial content creator making stuff for @giphy,” Jason Clark’s account is anything but simple. Instead, his GIFs are bright, unusual, and often hilarious. He often showcases a similar oval-featured character with emotions that hit too close to home: think closed fists yelling into the void to sitting on the floor, knees hugged in, and chomping on chips. Jason’s GIFs are relatable and amazingly showcase emotions typically hard to depict, but he does so effortlessly and visually.