Top Five Ukrainian Designers to Follow on Instagram

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As the Russian invasion of Ukraine escalates, you may wonder how you can get involved and help those in need. As much as I wish that I could donate a Starlink Internet Terminal like Elon musk, I can’t. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t help in other ways. 

Sometimes, supporting individuals can go a lot further than we think. The power of connection in the creative industry can be impressive, and some designers might need that extra boost in these challenging times. If you’re looking to support Ukrainians, this list of designers might help you discover new creators you love. If you’re interested in donating money, check out our list of links at the bottom of the article.

OUUM | @ouum_studio

Founded in 2016, Ouum is a design studio that focuses on architecture and 3D visualization. Their work pulls color palettes from 60s pop art and interior design, as well as the Bauhaus and Modernist movement. Ouum’s designs are bright, whimsical, and beyond intriguing. I only wish I could submerge myself in their worlds, like a big fluffy chair resting on a bright green stage. Be sure to follow Ouum if you’re looking to bring some funky colors to your Instagram feed. 

Mad Cats |

Kyiv’s Madcats Agency has plenty of spunk and a zest for design. Their fun, tongue-in-cheek personality is immediately visible on their website, which turns your standard, arrow-shaped cursor into a cat’s paw. Madcats’ work is highly visual and makes a strong impact through bold colors and enticing typography. Follow their account if you’re looking for inspiration to step and create outside the typical box. 

The First The Last |

Kyiv-based design studio The First The Last prides itself on pushing clients beyond the norm. They design branding in addition to apps and websites, creating a complete, 360 approach. The agency’s engaging Instagram account showcases consistently dynamic, typographical, and sleek designs. They balance their unmistakably futuristic graphics with an elegant sense of timelessness. 

Kat Bielobrova | @kat.bielobrova

Once you get to know Bielobrova’s vibrant, bubbly aesthetic, you’ll recognize it right away. This Ukrainian designer and illustrator uses bright colors and abstract textures to create irresistibly warm designs. Her feed also includes videos of her process, revealing the dedication and hard work put into each poppy, eye-catching graphic. 

Obys | @obys_agency

Obys Agency’s account showcases engaging, street-art inspired designs. The stark contrasts and involved typography create a sleek aesthetic that’s consistent from post to post. Their sharp imagery and deep palettes are sure to stand out on your feed.

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