Zyro’s ‘90s-Inspired Redesigns For Your Favorite Social Websites Are Deeply Nostalgic

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The internet might've already peaked. Sure, now we can search our deepest darkest secrets and have answers from hundreds of sources, we can connect with millions of people on thousands of websites, and we can easily share and save our favorite images.

But back in the '90s and early '00s, the internet was more of a place of acceptance and thoughtfulness and less of a world where trolls thrive, and fake news spreads like peak climate change-era wildfires.

In a thoughtful yet deeply nostalgic way of remembering the good old days, website builder Zyro has created a series of redesigns that reimagine modern times' most popular social platforms. Think 8-bit designs, chunky boxes, and repeating backgrounds.

The website builders have created everything from vintage-inspired Spotify, Airbnb, and Disney+. As someone who often used to play computer games on Disney's website when I was younger, I can affirm the accurateness of the design. Plus, the throwback design for Twitter should be considered a modern one; the repeating cloud background is sure to get everyone's most creative writing juices flowing.

Sure, change is good, and there's nothing wrong with an update and refresh, but sometimes, I wish MySpace was still the leading social platform, and trolls were still just known as the mythical creatures that live under bridges. Can you blame me?