Celebrating Milton Glaser With His Lesser-Known Work

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The design world has lost one of its legends. Milton Glaser died on June 26, his birthday, at the age of 91.

His contributions to the field are immense and have rightly generated volumes of their own, and much of his work is ubiquitous in culture today. Rather than provide an overview of that work here, we’re celebrating some of his lesser-seen output, alongside a poignant interview PRINT conducted in 2016, an interview between Glaser and Debbie Millman for Adobe Create, and more.

Here’s to the master. He will be deeply missed by the entire PRINT family.

Milton Glaser: “Art is a Judgment of History”—an Interview

Photo by Michael Somoroff

Glaser’s Lesser-Known Book Covers

Lights, Camera, Glaser: The Designer’s Film Posters

Glaser’s Lesser-Known Landscapes

Milton Glaser’s Reclaimed Doodles

Steven Heller used to sit next to Milton Glaser at AIGA meetings as the designer sketched away—and when Glaser discarded his drawings, Heller saved them. Here are a few.

Glaser’s Dylan Ghosts

A look at the long tail of Glaser’s famous 1966 Bob Dylan poster that found its way to the musician’s Greatest Hits LP.

Milton Glaser on Massimo Vignelli

A letter from Glaser about his dear friend, who had recently passed away.

The first cover of New York Magazine, which Steven Heller wrote about on Glaser’s 90th birthday last year

Milton Glaser on Five of His Role Models

“Milton Glaser, il Duca di New York: A Series of Portrait Tributes” by Stephen Alcorn

Milton Glaser and Debbie Millman in Conversation for Adobe Create