2001 Annual Design Review Consumer Products Design Distinction

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ipaq pocket pc

Deemed the smallest, most powerful pocket pc available, the ipaq is a computer, mp3 player, voice recorder, multimedia display, telephone and Internet browser. Jurors were impressed by the functionality and size of the pc, though Yelavich referred to the design as “less than handsome.” The pint-sized pc also features a low-profile speaker, an expansion “jacket” system that allows the ipaq to be personally configured for the user’s personal options, and a small display dock created for synchronizing data with pcs and recharging the battery.

client/company Compaq, Houstonconsultant design Compaq, Houston: Paul Drew, Phil Prestigamo, Randall Martin. Astro Studios, Palo Alto, Calif.: Brett Lovelady, principal; Rob Bruce, design director; Carl Liu, industrial designer. Momentum: Bruno Richet, mechanical engineer materials/fabrication injection moldinghardware/ software Compaq NT workstations, Apple Power Mac G4s, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Alias| Wavefront Studio, Pro/ENGINEER

ecco soft edge rulerboston executive stand-up stapler

Designed to improve user experience and function while remaining precise, the ecco Soft Edge ruler’s shape mirrors the curve of the hand. Yelavich was impressed with the rationale behind the “gorgeous” ruler and its natural grip. The Boston Executive Stand-up stapler lies flat on the table or can stand on either end, resulting in an affordable, yet prestigious, desktop item that’s clever in form and function and elegant in shape. However, Yelavich noted the stapler’s instability when standing on its end and questioned whether or not our desktops are so cluttered that we need a stand-up stapler.

client/company Back GmbH, Leinfelden, Germany/ Hunt Manufacturing, Philadelphiaconsultant design Ecco Design, New York: Eric Chan, principal. Ruler: Rama Chorpash, Jeff Miller, designers. Stapler: Ethan Imboden, Jeff Miller, designers materials/fabrication Ruler: stainless-steel sheet, laser-etched logo, silk-screened measurements, steel tool dies. Stapler: stamped, punched and chromed steel; thermoplastic elastomer pieceshardware/ software Ruler: Ashlar Vellum, Adobe Illustrator 9.0, Apple Power Mac G4. Stapler: Apple Power Mac G3s, Windows NT, Ashlar Vellum, Alias| WavefrontStudio, Pro/ENGINEER, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop