2001 Annual Design Review Furniture Honorable Mention

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5126 tsunami

Cube dwellers everywhere should thank Carnegie’s designers, based in Rockville Centre, N.Y., for the textured, metallic colors of Tsunami. Designed for panel systems, this multi-use fabric creates an affordable option to the flat neutrals normally found in these materials. “It appears to be an irregular pattern-even though it’s regular-which is difficult to do in a weave,” Dine said. Jurors were also impressed by Tsunami’s iridescent qualities.


Part of Carnegie’s Xorel textile family, Transition combines high-traffic performance with the aesthetics of a woven textile. “It mostly gets my nod because it has a lot of potential to get different aesthetics through the weave,” Dine said. Transition’s visual changes in opacity are achieved by combining transparent yarn with varying weave densities.

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