2005 Annual Design Review Packaging Design Distinction

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Clinique Superbalanced Compact MakeupIn the fast-paced, fashion-driven world of cosmetics, where new products are born every six months (and some last not much longer than that), Clinique is an established brand. Launched 36 years ago, the company carved out an identity for itself with its hypoallergenic products and clinical-looking containers. Recently Clinique asked its in-house designers to update the makeup line’s packaging. With these first two compacts (more designs are due out this year), they’ve accomplished that and more.

For the foundation compact, the designers departed from Clinique’s traditional marbleized green plastic, crafting a sleek container with a metallized plastic cover and a frosted translucent base. An airtight capsule for the foundation makeup pops out of the compact for refills, reducing waste.

But it was the cunning eye shadow compact, which pairs a silver lid with a clear acrylic base, that the judges went wild over. On the cosmetics counter, the compacts can be displayed clear side up, revealing the wide range of hues. In a consumer’s makeup bag, or strewn on the bathroom counter, it’s easy to make a grab for the correct color. The detailing, the judges noted, is exemplary: The mirror is as large as possible, thanks to the slenderest of frames; the makeup pans are molded in the same colors as the eye shadow for a seamless effect; the tiny metallized plastic hinge is an exquisite piece of hardware. “They’ve been able to solve a functional issue and a display issue,” Gobé summed up, “and they’ve done it with aesthetics that are extremely beautiful.”

Design Clinique Laboratories (New York): Ted Owen, Rochelle Kleinberg, designers; Peter Rizzo, technical developmentClient Clinique LaboratoriesMaterials ABS; metallized ABS; polypropyleneSoftware Adobe Illustrator; AutoCAD

Clinique Superbalanced Compact Makeup

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