2006 Student Design Review Design Distinction

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The cuteness of this entry (it resembles a motorized toy car) belies its capabilities as a lifesaving device. R.E.D. (Railed Extinguishing Drone) is a robot that glides on tracks along the walls or ceiling of a traffic or train tunnel, smoothly bypassing any vehicles that may block the route of conventional firefighters. Sensors detect smoke and send the robot hurtling toward the blaze, impervious to dense fumes or searing heat. “It solves a catastrophic problem,” Lazor said. “It’s remarkable that we haven’t seen something like it already.” In fact, the jurors were so enthusiastic they lobbied to bestow a second Best of Category to R.E.D. Their petition was refused, and the device dropped to second rank only when they agreed that its very obviousness stole some of its creative thunder. Even so, they took comfort in believing that the robot was destined to be realized. “This is the future,” said Nikitas. “This has to happen.”

—Name: Manuel Gattinger and F.H. JoaneumSchool: University of Applied ScienceCity: Sydney

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