Matali Crasset Show at Rabih Hage Gallery

Posted inID Mag

November 15, 2008. French designer Matali Crasset’s process-driven design philosophy is underscored by four new design objects commissioned by Rabih Hage, and on show through December 20 under the title “Another Logic of…” at Hage’s Chelsea-based London gallery. “I’m interested in the way people interact with the objects they surround themselves with,” the designer says. “I’m also interested in how objects will adapt and change to reflect the changes in human behavior.” To explore this, Crasset created tables, chairs and lights that respond to their surroundings, as well as a light and video installation called Spring City, which serves as an analogy for global warming and a symbol of the relationship between humans and the environment. Accompanying Crasset’s show will be performances by Clandestin de Paris, a group of “theatrical chefs” who have worked with the designer’s installations in the past.