Graphic Designer Inaugurates Time-Share Gallery

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September 25, 2008. September 25, 2008. Opening in a storefront in Manhattan’s Chinatown on September 27 and running for a maximum of two weeks is art/design hybrid "It’s Time to Play W/ ––––––––," which christens a teensy gallery that will actually be time-shared among three designers: Yale graphic design graduate Jiminie Ha, Whitney Museum design director Rebecca Giminez, and Brooklyn-based graphic designer Macgregor Harp, who together curated the first exhibition.

Overlapping horizontal images of architecture, interiors, and landscapes will be projected vertically onto the walls of the 141-square-foot gallery.

"We decided to use projections of large open spaces, man-made and organic, and juxtapose them through projections, thinking that it would be a nice introduction to the tiny space," explains Ha, who intends the outlet to become an experimental stage and has put out an open call to designers who want to explore non-commercial ventures while curating or collaborating with other designers, artists, and musicians. Analogous to a blog of the gallery world in size and ephemerality, each show will stay up for no longer than two weeks. You may want to bring your skinny friends and wear your skinny jeans, but don’t forget to grab one of the free limited-edition prints on your way in.

For more information or to inquire about participating, email,,