London Design Festival: Libby Sellers at Liberty

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September 2, 2008. Opening at Liberty on September 19 during the London Design Festival, Gallery Libby Sellers will present "Beau Sauvage," featuring new work by designers such as Peter Marigold, Khasayar Naimanan, and Adrien Rovero. Last year, Sellers’ exhibition garnered attention as much for the work as for its “guerrilla” setting, an unused storefront in Kensington. At the Liberty design emporium, Sellers will gather objects, furniture, new media, and lighting designs, focusing on the dual theme of the raw and the beautiful. “The show also takes direction from the history of Liberty,” the gallerist explains, “a store that sought to champion the crafts or autonomous object in face of the negative effects of the industrial revolution. I see many similarities between this 19th-century movement and what we’re witnessing now, with designers seeking more of a personal relationship with their objects and those who choose to buy them.” Through October 19.,